Velara Water Enrichment System

VELAQUA Perfect Balance Water the way Nature intended

It’s no secret these days— we try make our challenged water drinkable  by using unnatural purifiers. Frankly the taste can be pretty awful, and plants, animals, and people may have trouble accepting it. Velaqua has a patent-pending water enrichment technology  that gives us the best that Nature can provide. And it all comes in ONE portable BPA-Free counter-top unit that has certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA), and NSF.

Velaqua duplicates the process of a natural mountain spring; transforming ordinary water into purified, healthy, great -tasting drinking water everyone will love…and that your body will welcome!

Super Cellular Hydration

(Assists the body to rebuild itself)


Detoxify and Neutralize Acidity

(Disease can’t exist in an alkaline body)


Incredible Antioxidant Source

(Reduces body’s aging process)


Powerful Anti-inflammatory


Disarms free radicals

(Helps to Rebuild the Body to its “Original State”)


Restores Normal Alkalinity

(Makes alkalinity pH 9.5

Changes Waters Acid PH to Alkaline)


Makes Micro-Clustered Water

(Water is More Easily Absorbed by Cells)


Produces High Negative ORP

(Produces Negative Oxidation-Reductions Potential ORP)


NO Electricity, and No Plumbing Needed


Taste Great – Kids Will Love it and So Will Your Pets


Convenient Alkaline Water at Home or on the Road

(No More Going to the Store for Water)




It’s simply the best alternative to provide your family with 

fresh healthy drinking water the way nature intended.




Very simply, when we begin life, as infants, we are given all the natural elements for a flawless immune system, healthy growth, and natural youth and vitality. And yet, when we get older, these gifts in our innate immune system start to leave us. They virtually erode away from our bodies. But there is a way to get them back—by finding those missing components to our health and homeostasis. Velumina is the Way. It is virtually Nature’s one perfect supplement.  

Its recipe is a proprietary synergistic combination of super colostrum, inulin, yerba mate, blueberry, elderberry, d-ribose, and Panax ginseng that tastes GREAT and is the perfect supplement for all ages!

There are thousands of research papers and clinical studies conducted worldwide that show the positive benefits of Velumina’s ingredients.

• Complete Nutrition for Body and Mind

• Homeostasis — a Natural state of balance that the body needs.

• Increased Immune Protection

• Anti-Aging Support

• Lean Muscle Growth

• Increased Metabolism (Fat Burning)

• Support for Cardiovascular Health

• Enhanced Mental Clarity

• Improved Stamina and Endurance

• Elevated Prebiotic Activity

When combined with the perfect balance, delicious taste and optimum bioavailability of Velaqua alkaline water, the powerful nutrients in Velumina create a delicious beverage that delivers a synergistic blend that supports increased immunity, energy, and vitality.

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